Fast-paced 2D multiplayer shooter

Install on PC or play for free in your browser!

Ranked Progression

Progress through the ranks by earning XP in-game by killing enemies, scoring objectives, and completing challenges.

Unlock new weapons, attachments, perks, and killstreaks to help you achieve victory in combat!

Play solo or team-based game modes with other players online, or play local games against bots to hone your skills.

Objective-Based Missions

Play solo or team up with a friend to complete objective-based Operations!

Turn up the difficulty to earn Operation Stars and other rewards.

Decide on the best strategy to complete each mission; go in loud or use stealth as your friend.

Endless Survival

Play one of many Survival modes to last as long as you can against endless waves of terrorists, helicopters, zombies, and more!

Submit and view scores in the worldwide leaderboards.